A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck
7 Levels of Power  |  7 Levels of Peace

A Curious Oracle does not follow either Tarot or Lenormand systems of cartomancy, but is designed in 7 original sets of 7 cards each, called “steps”. Each card in the oracle is potent in its own right, but the system works especially well in combination with tarot, charm and rune casting.

Each SET number (shown at the top of the card with its title) contains 7 Steps and corresponds with an element or dimension; for instance, SET #1 shown below corresponds to the physical world–the body, energy, home, and land. The 7 STEP numbers in each set (shown at the bottom of each card next to its keyword) corresponds to a phase or aspect of that element’s development.

Each card is therefore numbered in a sequence. Card 1 | 1 = Lotus Fire, the card representing primal, life force Energy.