A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck
For questions of money, security, and wealth

This spread looks at how to increase prosperity, both for individuals and communities. The 4 card positions at center represent the “house” to build prosperity upon. The two positions on either side represent what to avoid and what to let go of, to “open” the house as much as possible to invite and encourage abundance.

The bottom position, Internal, represents what is already within the querent that attracts prosperity, and what the house is built upon. The top position, External, represents the outside forces that can move abundance to fill your house. The two flanking positions, Blessings and Foster, represent the gifts given and what energies to encourage to create the pillars of the house.Invite Prosperity

On the outside of the reading are the Discard and Blockage positions, or what impedes the quest for prosperity. Pay special attention to the cards in these positions, as often recognizing these forces is the first step to unlocking the attainment of prosperity.