A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck
Relationship SpreadTo inquire about the potential in a love relationship

At the center of the spread is three cards that represent the querent’s state: Head, Spirit and Heart. Head and Heart offer the most immediate insight to the querent. The Spirit position holds the bigger picture karmic implication for the relationship, i.e. how it will influence the querent’s soul path. The top position, Blessing, indicates the positive gifts the relationship will bring to the querent.

The bottom left position, Challenge, is the fulcrum of this spread. It represents the essential conflict (if any) that will drive the relationship’s growth. Its complement position, Time, indicates how the relationship may shift or grow over the course of time.

To get a clearer view of both sides of the relationship, do this spread for both the querent and the love interest, and see how the cards in each position compare. Do they share any cards in the same position? Do they share any cards, but in different positions?

Ultimately the most important positions for a long term relationship in this spread are the Spirit and Challenge positions, the other 4 positions help to create a fuller picture of the relationship dynamic.