A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck
This spread uses the Set structure of A Curious Oracle to give a full picture of the Querent at the present moment, and to see where strengths and challenges lie.

BODY: Position 1 indicates the querent’s physical body and how they interact with their environment.

MOVEMENT: Position 2 indicates how the querent moves through the world, how they relate to the passage of time, and how they cope with change.

INTUITION: Position 3 describes the querent’s connection to the unseen realm, how they utilize their “visionary” senses.

State of the SoulHEART: Position 4, at the center of the reading, represents the querent’s heart and what it responds to.

INTELLECT: Position 5, mirroring (and often opposing) Position 3 represents the querent’s thoughts, ideas, and ways of communicating.

BLESSING: Position 6 indicates the energy that comes, sometimes mysteriously, into the querent’s life as a gift or harbinger.

SPIRIT: Position 7 represents the highest ideals and most authentic desires of the querent in this life and at this time.

How do these cards relate to each other? Is there a great disparity between any of the card’s energies? Do any of the cards match their position numbers? (For instance, card 7-7 White Queen appears in Position 7, or card 1-1 Lotus Fire appears in Position 1.) This indicates resonance and attunement with that particular Set’s energy.