A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck

Set 1: Body  |  Set 2: Motion  |  Set 3: Intuition  |  Set 4: Heart  |  Set 5: Intellect  |  Set 6: Blessings  |  Set 7: Spirit

Step 1: Manifest  |  Step 2: Relationship  |  Step 3: Growth  |  Step 4: Structure  |  Step 5: Lesson  |  Step 6: Healing  |  Step 7: Epiphany


SET 1: Body

This set emcompasses the realm of physical incarnation. It speaks of matter, the body, the home, the environment, the planet. Questions of physicality, maturity, healing, inhabiting, and dying are governed by Set 1.

SET 2: Motion

This set emcompasses the concept of motion and transit. It speaks of physical movement, movement through time, the ebb and flow of direction, and mechanisms of change. Questions of patience versus anxiety, growth and change, travel, and expansion are governed by this set.

SET 3: Intuition

This set encompasses the realm of awareness, insight, mystery, and the invisible connections that bind us with the fabric of the universe. It speaks of following the inner voice and delving into the unknown; it governs questions of that which can be perceived but not measured.

SET 4: Heart

This set emcompasses the realm of Love, creativity, and connection. It speaks of romantic and familial love, the primal urge to connect, create and nurture. Questions of desire, trust, fidelity, and belonging are governed by this set.

SET 5: Intellect

This set emcompasses the realm of the mind; perception, learning and communication. It speaks of thought, memory, analysis, and engineering. Questions of narrative, history, academia, philosophy, and problem solving are governed by this set.

SET 6: Blessings

This set encompasses instances of “gifts from the Universe.” Blessings may include fortuitous events, gifts, or waves of energy entering your sphere of existence. Often operating independently of questions asked, this set may shine an unexpected light in the darkness.

SET 7: Spirit

This set emcompasses the realm of Spirit, or the unseen. It speaks of the soul, destiny, and Magic. Questions of the mystery, karma, life and death, and the nature of the Divine are governed by this set.

 Step 1: Manifest

Step 1 represents the initial appearance of the quality encompassed by its Set. It corresponds to questions of birth, beginnings, or the emergence of a new energy or direction in the querent’s life.

Step 2: Relationship

Step 2 represents the energy of connection, duality, and relationship within the quality of its Set. It corresponds to questions of personal and environmental relationships, the flow of energy between opposites, and how the querent interacts with others.

Step 3: Growth

Step 3 represents the natural progression of the energetic quality inherent in its Set. It corresponds to questions of timing, movement on a projected path, and the expansion and evolution of the matter, both physical and conceptual.

Step 4: Structure

Step 4 represents a phase of stability, completion, and containment of the quality or energy encompassed by its Set. It corresponds to questions of order, planning, building, acquisition, and accomplishment.

Step 5: Lesson

Step 5 represents the  quintessential challenge at hand, the energy or action at the root of the querent’s issue. It corresponds to questions of hesitation, fear, obstacles, problems or failure.

Step 6: Healing

Step 6 represents that which will help to illuminate difficult situations, heal old wounds, or solve a problem at hand. It corresponds to questions of unseen challenges, repetitive obstacles or patterns, and rising to the next level of experience.

Step 7: Epiphany

Step 7 represents a stage of reflection, completion, or realization within the energetic quality of its Set. It corresponds to moments of true lucidity when faced with a problem or profound question, and indicates a sense of revelation and relief.

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