A Curious Oracle - an original 49 card oracle deck
ForkChoosing between two distinct paths

This spread is meant to be read from the bottom up. At the base is the Querent position, the card that will represent the person seeking guidance. The reading then splits into two separate paths, uncovering the appeal, opportunities for growth, the challenges, and ultimately the potential for happiness along each respective path.

The positions for Road 1 and Road 2 highlight the appeal for each of the path choices. Next along the reading paths come the Growth positions; these indicate the ways in which the querent can flourish (or stagnate) along this particular path.

The Challenge positions then indicate where difficulties may arise with each choice. It is good to note similarities if any between the Growth and Challenge positions, as they often relate to one another with respect to life’s directional choices.

Finally, the Happiness positions indicate where the most potential gratification along each of the paths lie. Does the card representing this Happiness align with the value of the card in the Querent position?